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Online ISSN No. 2790 – 3885

Digital Transformation: Risk and
Challenges in Nigeria’s Logistics and
Supply Chain Industry.
Case Study of Jumia Logistics, mds
Logistics and Bollore Transport &

Imafidon Aiwerioghene
ORCID No: 0009-0003-3205-1902
Email: mafi.aiwerioghene@gmail.com


The chosen topic for the IRP is “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: RISK AND CHALLENGES IN NIGERIA’S LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN INDUSTRY. CASE STUDY OF JUMIA LOGISTICS, MDS LOGISTICS AND BOLLORE TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS”. The aim of the research is to identify key challenges and risks bedeviling the logistics and supply chain industry in Nigeria vis-à-vis the use of Digital Transformation to address the challenges identified. The research philosophy is based on interpretivism and constructivism which are subjective in nature and the methodological approach is the use of qualitative (inductive) research methods with research data acquired for analysis through the use of survey questionnaire administered to the 3 selected organizational case studies. It’s important to note that the sample size used in qualitative research is usually a small sample size that is adequately reflective of the research objective. For the purpose of this IRP, a sample size of 9 is adopted with 8 responses confirmed for further analysis.

The analysis and results indicate the specific challenges and risks bedeviling the industry and the importance of digital transformation in curbing these challenges. The results also show specific aspects of digital transformation that is critical to the implementation and adoption of digital transformation.

The conclusion shows the digital transformation strategy required by the organizations to implement, adopt and properly apply digital transformation as part of organization wide business strategy for sustainability.