Research Journal

Online ISSN No. 2790 – 3885

Student Satisfaction and Service Quality
in Higher Education

Libin Matthew
ORCID No: 0000-0003-1617-9749
Email: lbnmathew@hotmail.com
Westford University College – UCAM Spain
Liza Gernal
ORCID No. 000-0002-6451-8066
Email : Liza.g@westford.org.uk
Westford University College, UAE


This study aims to examine the student’s satisfaction level having online mode of classes. The study was
conducted in a higher education institution that is offering online international MBA and DBA program
during 2021-time frame. The research used purposive sampling method from selected online students and
questionnaires were given via google forms. Questionnaire used 5-point Likert scale for easy tabulation and
interpretation. The data was analyzed using SPSS Software for descriptive statistics. The findings of the
study are presented in the results and discussion part of the study.