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Online ISSN No. 2790 – 3885

The impact of Organizational Health and Safety Guidelines on Workers Performance. A Case Study of Dow Chemical Company, Dubai UAE

ORCID NO.0000-0002-2139-1923
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Westford University College – UCAM, Spain
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This research determined the impact of safety culture on individual workers performance, as an alternative to improving organizational performance and staying afloat, the ever-changing market. The study established if any relationship exists between organizational health and safety and workers’ performance and how this could have been a result of gap in health safety guidelines and relating it with workers performance. Deducing the real impact of organizational health and safety guidelines on workers performance, was then sought through identifying employee training skill gap in the Human Resource Department (HRD), and management’s commitment to workers’ safety in winning hearts. If this would in turn increases their performance, because good safety performance would reduce accident rate and (uninsured) costs.

Keywords— Organizational health and safety, workers’ performance