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The Impact of Pandemic Protocol on Work Performance of Emergency Medical Technicians: The case of National Ambulance, Fujairah, UAE

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Address: amiel.olivarnemt@gmail.com
Westford University College – UCAM, Spain
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Address: Westford University College, Sharjah UAE


The pandemic protocols implemented in medical institutions made varied changes in healthcare services experienced by emergency medical technicians, particularly in National Ambulance, Fujairah, UAE, in aiding patients who need medical assistance. This comprises emergency response protocols, patient care protocols, and employee shifting, and workplace interaction. The survey was analyzed quantitatively, while the interview required qualitative analysis. The level of work performance of the EMTs before the pandemic (x=4.19) is slightly higher than their performance during the pandemic (x=4.09); there is a significant difference between the work performance of the participants before and during the pandemic (p-value=0.005). The participants’ changes observed relative to health protocols during a pandemic do not show a significant difference when grouped demographic profiles.

Keywords— Pandemic Protocol, Emergency Medical Technicians