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Job Satisfaction and its Effect on Employee’s Performance:
The Case of MarTrust Corporation Ltd.

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Westford University College – UCAM, Spain
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Job satisfaction and employee performance have become one of the major areas of concern for organizations – challenging it will help maintain or even enhance financially healthy positions. MarTrust Corporation Ltd is an organization that has been servicing the maritime industry and has been constantly growing since its inception in 2016. The research relied on available literature and primary data collected by a survey to perform an analysis. The study aims at identifying and addressing the problematic aspects of job satisfaction that impact employee motivation and performance. Motivation was found to be depended on two variables (dimensions) that define job satisfaction – nature of work, and opportunities for development. The effect of remuneration was also noted to be of significant. The final chapter concluded the dissertation where implications and recommendations were made to the incumbent organization to retain its best talent and maintain financial health in the long run.

Keywords— Job Satisfaction, Employee Performance