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Online ISSN No. 2790 – 3885

Disruptive consumption patterns revolutionizing online and contactless food deliveries mechanism amidst covid-19 virus.

An empirical study examining food portal efficiencies in fine dining restaurants in the United Arab Emirates.

Dominique Masiraha
ORCID No: 0000-0002-3417-9753
Email Address: dmasiraha@gmail.com
Address: Westford University College – UCAM, Spain
Dr Raman Subramanian
ORCID No.0000-0002-7175-3187
Email Address: raman@westford.org.uk
Address: Westford University College, UAE


The devastating impact of the pandemic on the foodservice industry, especially fine dining, has left outlets to succumb, with no hope of reopening again, and those few with a will to survive are doing whatever it takes to bring their products to home-bound consumers. This study examines the efficiencies of variables that shape online food portals and delivery mechanisms adopted by fine dining restaurants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which formerly relied upon experiences offered in-house, but due to the nature of this highly contagious virus, restrictions and guidelines imposed by the UAE government, the fine dining restaurants are forced to shift their products and services online and home deliveries. Driven by technology and the internet, the key enablers of the strategic transition to online ordering and home deliveries include food quality, home delivery efficiencies, and value creation. By means of surveys on 51 respondents and interviews of 4 fine dining restaurants, the paper outlines the limitations and challenges of online food portals. It studies the effects of lack of ‘personalization’ in consumer dining experiences and UAE consumers are given an opportunity to voice their perception of the value of online fine dining products and services. Findings expose the substantial optimistic correlation between the quality of food and home delivery efficiencies in addition to a considerable positive relationship revealed between value creation and customer satisfaction. Moreover, these significant affirmative relations were shown to drive revenue, generate profits, and promote growth of the fine dining online and home delivery division. Overall, the study provides fine dining restaurants in UAE useful comprehensions for running an online food ordering system effectively amidst and post-pandemic. The study proposes a well-strategized hybrid model and can fully cater to and satisfy both online and offline consumers as the culture of virtual shopping and experiences will not vanish even after the virus has been successfully conquered.

Keywords— the pandemic, fine dining, food quality, home delivery, value creation, online portals